Offline and Online Hybrid Model for CAT/XAT/TISS/NMAT/SNAP

Online and Center Based Classes, Start to end mentorship (Including all content and mock access) (Inclusive of all PAT/WAT/Interview Preparation) (₹46000):

For people who are not comfortable with screens or you just can’t learn without all those non-verbal communication. And also for those who just can’t be serious without a slap from the teacher. Frequent classes , study at centre , access to libraries and many other campus like study environment features will be there.


Online Classes for TISSNET (Including all content and mock access) (₹8000):

For those people , who prefer to be at home or living away from Institution. Classes are as close as offline as it can be. The advantage of attending much more classes than any offline classes. These classes shall get recorded too to visit again if missed or revise.
Features: 1) Step wise learning modules,  2) Comprehensive Coverage of GA Syllabus,   3) Individualized Counseling


Content and Mock With all Video Lectures: (₹8000)

Ideal for students and working professionals who don’t have a regular schedule and can’t attend all the classes.

A complete test preparation in itself. Watch videos of concepts first , solve the sheets and watch videos of problem solving for the same chapter if you have any doubts. Also all the lectures of verbal and General Awareness will be there , keep on watching whenever you have spare time.
Aspirants who are focused and can have discipline to prepare for exams , creating targets and commitment towards the target is must.



All Content With Mocks (₹5000)

Ideal for all the students who are confident in TISS level quant and verbal and just want support in General Awareness and Mocks

General Awareness will be there , keep on watching whenever you have spare time.
Aspirants who are focused and can have discipline to prepare for exams , creating targets and commitment towards the target is must.




Interview Preparation : (₹5000)

Our Interview preparation program has reached its heights parallel to real Interview at TISS and many premier programs. Our pedagogy for Interview preparation covers very customised sessions where we build a student’s profile and thought process in such a way so that they can actually create the best personal answer for all the interview questions.



Capsule Course Including Interview Preparation: (₹12000)

In addition to our Interview Preparation you will be able to Prepare for these exams
NLSIU MPP , MA DS from IIT Mandi/Guwahati/Hyderabad
JMI, CUCET (2022)
MGNF and Other Fellowship



Custom payments


Still confused about something feel free to contact us.

  • CAT/XAT and All MBA Entrance Examination (like IIFT/SNAP/TISSMAT and Others)
  • TISS and Humanities based Professional PG courses (MA DS/PP/Edu from APU, DS from IITs Guwahati, Mandi, Hyderabad, MPP from NLSIU Bangalore & IITs Mumbai, Delhi, 
  • Fellowship (Young India Fellowship, SBI Youth Fellowship, MGNF and Others)  
  • Offline-Online Integrated (With offline classes you shall have access to all online classes)
  • Comprehensive online (Including Interviews and all other stages of examinations) content(with videos) & Mocks

We daily scheduled an open doubt class so you don’t have to wait long for doubts. And Also You can ask for doubt class based on sheets and topic with your convenient time. (Personalized doubt classes shall be open for all)

We don’t have any batch system, here you can join any time and start your preparation from the basics. We have designed class patterns in such a way that you won’t feel that you are in old class.

For offline- Day Timing (Few morning and evening classes as per need)
For online- 12:00-13:30, 19:00-20:30, 20:30-22:00 from Monday to Saturday, Sunday 2 classes between 11-3

No, you don’t have to attend all the classes. Classes are repetitive in nature so if you have done one class before and cleared the concepts, you don’t have to attend the next repetitive class and if you missed a class then you will attend it when the next repetitive class comes.

Our class’s timing is flexible; you can also schedule a class on your suitable time.

There is no such specific duration it is totally based on your capabilities if you do sheets faster than your syllabus will complete. And we conduct classes till the last date of examinations. In the last two months we have held multiple classes for mixed exercises, mock discussions, motivation and GK question answer based classes.

Yes, we do provide mock and content. Mode of mock is an online platform where you feel real time exam experiences  and content is delivered through drive and sheets shall also be provided in hard copies

Yes, we also prepare for TISSPAT & TISSMAT and that too very methodologically. We keep a few social science based classes for all and then customized classes according to group. Our preparation will upto OPI.

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