About Us


Mission of SMARG Education is to be a unique and world class Center of Overall Excellence where knowledge is “developed” rather than “acquired”


We want to create leaders for every sector, problem solvers for all our social issues and policy makers for all major developments for India.

A place to Aspire as well as Inspire

Smarg Education was conceptualized in 2011 with small learning centers in East Delhi to start with. It eventually got established in 2016, with its headquarters in Connaught Place, Delhi. Our team consists of  NLU, BHU, NIT, IIIT alumni all of whom have extensive experience in their field of operation and leverage the same to give students a broader picture for grooming and planning their career in the best way possible.
What distinguishes us is the passion to ensure that we imbibe the desired thought process in every Student  that goes a long way in making them successful in life. Our past batches are living examples of this philosophy. Current and passed out students alike in institutes like IIMs, MA and MBA at IIT, TISS, IRMA, MICA, Ambedkar University, FMS BHU are doing extremely well in all spheres of life whether it be job, sports, public speaking or networking within the society. The reason is simple: They are all taught for life and not just competitive exams!

Smarg Education: A Disruption in Education Industry

In today’s highly commercialized education industry, Smarg Education is committed to bring a revolutionary change through its immaculate pedagogy around aptitude development. The pedagogy is such that it remains as a lifelong asset with the individual, has industry relevance and eventually culminates into overall upliftment of the society. Goes without saying that in the process, it makes the student highly employable in all sectors and industries.

Other Differentiators:

Personal Attention as per the individual caliber, hence not limiting faculty contact hours for any course as we understand it needs to be stretched for few but is more than required for some other few
Reason we do not encourage more than 25 students in a single batch.
Online Support through Whatsapp also available.

Modus Operandi for Learning:

The unique and simple ways of teaching help students gain confidence and think on their own. It initiates from the way of looking at any problem and then addressing it clinically applying just the basics. No formula cramming no Vedic Maths involved. 

We never had any terminology or definition to our methodology but it was the student community that helped us on this front. “Thinking and solving in a straight line”, “solving without pen or paper”, “answer in 30 sec” are some examples of learning methods termed by students themselves who were pleasantly surprised to see results.

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