The Program


CAT is not an exam where you need to be a pro in academics. “Right Decisioning”, “Time Management” and “Basic Knowledge” of the subjects clubbed with its proper implementation can do the job. That’s where we focus on. We teach just enough to score a 100 percentile, in short, what’s actually required (rather than giving loads of study material, fewer worksheets and ignoring applicants compliance to it).


Conducted by XLRI, it is another entrance exam which is a gateway of some premium colleges( Xavier’s, S.P Jain, Great Lakes etc.) in the country. The question is the quant and the verbal section are a level above than those of CAT. Decision Making is an additional section which is present only in this exam. We take care of these things accordingly. Certain problems on these are been drafted on spot by trainers in the classes which are discussed and resolved their itself. This phase checks your common sense and observance. Moreover, students aligned to pursue HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT(HRM) in their career are been made to stress on this exam.


Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade offers two year MBA in International Business(IB). IIFT has three campus – Delhi, Kolkata and Kozhikode. Its entrance exam consists of five sections- GK, Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, RC/Vocab and duration of exam is two hours. Candidate has to clear sectional cut- offs and overall cutoff to get a call from IIFT. We plan classes to cover all these sections. Level of Vocab/RC is slightly higher than that of CAT.

This complete preparation also covers the entire syllabus and interviews preparation of other exams like CMAT, NMAT etc.

A Pedagogy Driven
Preparatory School

Pedagogical Difference

Three Cyclic Preparation


Initially, individual classes are provided to cover the basics. After completion of basic concepts, classes for advanced level are provided and finally CAT/XAT/IIFT level questions are solved. This three cyclic process ensures 100% learning outcomes.


Context-based Vocab/RC


We let you do context based Vocab/RC preparation through a comprehensive list of topics that are important through exam point of view. This helps you to make comprehensions topic familiar and develops your verbal ability for easy, speedy and accurate understanding

Viva-Voce testing Methodology


Apart from mocks, we conduct frequent viva based test to ensure a better understanding of a particular concept. This also helps us know where the student stands and where he exactly needs to work-on for improving.

Open Doubt Clearing Sessions(with revisions)


Doubts in a class are discussed, which can be cleared by your batchmates too. This ensures revision for all and maintains a healthy competition. While the teacher clear the doubt of another student, your revision seems to happen and even many a times you get to learn new things, a new solution, a better approach or in short all pros of a group study.

Types of Batches

  1. Weekend Batches- For those who are in the working sphere from Monday to Friday and wants to prepare at the same time.
  2. Weekdays Batches- For full timer preparators. 
  3. Flexible Batches- If you are not comfortable with weekends and weekdays batches, because of whatever reason, you need not to worry as we provide flexible timing and batches which are primarily designed on the basis of level of understanding.